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Children's Party Invitations

children's party invitations

A wonderfully successful children's party starts with perfect invitations. This is the best time to tell your fellow party companions exactly what your party is all about. If your little one's party is going to be themed, then this is the perfect time to introduce the theme and get the excitement started! If they're dressing up as safari animals or a character from their favourite story, emphasise this exciting news on the invitations!

If you're feeling creative, designing your own invitations can be wonderfully fun! This gives the little ones a chance to feel completely involved right from the beginning, and the design can be totally customised. Creating invitations doesn't need to be difficult; simply find yourself some A5 sheets of paper (as this seems to be the perfect size for children to take home without them getting lost or getting crumpled in their school bags!), and then let the little one loose with some pens and crayons. (Preferably under supervision and on top of some sheets to protect the furniture!)

children drawing invitations

Ask the youngster what theme they would like to have at their party, and whatever inspiring idea they have - if it's feasible - have fun with the theme and feature it on the invitations! So, if they choose to have a princess' tea party, have fun drawing castles, princesses and cups of tea! A tip to remember, leave a space of roughly 6cm at the bottom to write all of your RSVP information, as it's unlikely any writing will show up over these wonderfully artistic creations.

Creating invitations together is a wonderful chance to spend time together as a family, sharing ideas and encouraging the little one to explore their imagination and feel proud of their creativities. It's wonderful seeing their imagination blossom with lots of fun ideas for their party, and the chance to put these ideas onto paper with lots of arty activities. Chatting about their artistic creations together as a family is wonderful for encouraging their creativity and is a great chance to learn arty skills! By this time, the little one will feel totally excited about their upcoming party, and will be desperate to hand them out to their little companions!

children's party invitation rsvp

When creating the invitations, mummys and daddys can make sure that the writing at the bottom features the important details about the party; including the date, time, address, and RSVP contact details, and then the youngster can sign their name. Remember to include any info about the party theme or dressing up, so that the mummys and daddys of the companions can make sure they are fully prepared for the party. The more notice you give them, the better, as they will have plenty of time to find or make dressing up clothes or accessories.

When the little one hands out their newly created invitations, they'll feel so excited to be sharing their ideas with their friends. The little companions can then go home and share their excitement with their mummys and daddys, and will quickly tell you that yes they will most definitely be attending this exciting occasion!

playhouse invitation drawing

If a garden playhouse is going to be part of this exciting party, then let the little companions know about it! The little one can feature the playhouse theme in their creative design and draw their playhouse, or they could even have help taking a photo of it to stick on the invitations, and this then shows everyone what sort of exciting activities they can expect from your party.

If you're wishing to get a playhouse in time for the party, you could always print an image of the playhouse and stick it on the invitation instead! Or, if you get your playhouse a few weeks before the party, you can use the pack of fun ready-made Playhouse Party invitations that are included with your new playhouse! This is the perfect chance to show the little friends what you're party is going to involve, and how much fun everyone is going to have.

So, to get the party started, we have designed a unique Playhouse Party invitation. If you would like to print yours, please open the free PDF file below by clicking on the Playhouse Party Invitation, and print as many as you like!

playhouse party invitation