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Creating Tree Swings

"So whoever thought buying your little one a tree swing could be a complex task?
We have unravelled the details of the simple tree swing to explain our range of tree swings and what you need to know to decide on the best option for you.

Pick a tree, any tree

So you want to create a beautiful haven for your children to swing from beneath the boughs of your beautiful tree? Just make sure you test the strength of the tree branch before your child uses it to swing from. It may also be an idea to consider what surrounds the swing and the potential obstructions to your child's swing.

Remember: the taller the tree, the longer the rope, the further backwards and forwards the swing will be able to go!


The height of your tree branch is probably your main consideration when choosing the right swing.

The length of ropes vary from different tree swings so you need to make sure you have an idea of how much length of rope you need in order to hang the seat without it being too high for your children to get on.

You also need to take into consideration the thickness of your branch - if you have a really thick branch you need a reasonable amount of rope to wrap around it so you need to allow for this.

In our estimations of what height branch the swings are suitable for, we allow around 1 metre to go around your branch and for your seat to hang 50cm above the ground.

You may want to allow for more or less rope to go around your branch, or for your seat to hang lower to the ground so reduce or increase the recommended height by the extra rope you will need.

For example, if the rope on a tree swing is 6 metres long, you take 1 metre off the top to go around the tree, then add 50cm (for the height it will off the ground) therefore making the branch height 5.5 metres.

Combination or whole tree swing?

There are two options to create a tree swing:

1. Buy Tree Sing Conversion Rope/s + a normal swing seat

2. Buy a whole Tree Swing - we currently have three 'whole tree swings' these are:
Wooden Tree Swing
Tall Tree Swing
Tyre Tree Swing

Whole Tree Swings

Buying a whole tree swing relies on you wanting the seat type or design that they already have - this would be either a wooden seat or a tyre.
The branch heights for these are approximately:
Wooden Tree Swing - 2.5metres
Tall Tree Swing - 5.5metres
Tyre Tree Swing - 5.5metres

Please Note: In our tree swing section we have both 'whole tree swings' and tree swing combinations or packages which include swing seats and the appropriate tree swing conversion ropes.

Tree Swing Conversion Ropes

We have two lengths of tree swing conversion rope (these can be bought in pairs or as single ropes, for swings with only one rope):
'Normal' 2.5 metres - you can view a pair of these here

'Long' 5.5 metres - you can view a pair of these here

When calculating the recommended branch height, all you need to do is take the recommended beam height from your chosen swing seat, then add the amounts below:

For the 'normal' tree swing conversion ropes, add 1.5 metres to the recommended beam height of your chosen swing seat.

For the long tree swing conversion ropes, add an extra 4.5 metres to the recommended beam height of your chosen swing seat.


'Conversion Rope and Swing Seat Combinations'

The benefits to having a 'tree-swing-conversion-rope-and-swing-seat' combination, is that the swing seat can easily be taken off the tree swing conversion ropes and swapped for a different seat. This can be useful for the following reasons:
  • You have a baby swing, but then the older children want to use the swing sometimes too - you can just un-clip the baby swing and put a normal swing seat on
  • You may already have swing seats you want to use
  • You know you will want to take the swing seat down in the winter - without having to go back up the tree and take the whole tree swing down
  • You know the swing will get in the way of something in your garden - mowing the lawn for example
'Whole Tree Swings'
The reasons above may not be a consideration for you, and in many cases the overall cost will be your main concern.

If the 'whole' tree swings have the right length ropes you need, these tend to be the cheapest way of achieving a tree swing in your garden.