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Crooked and Wonky Playhouses

Home to the most original and quirky playhouses, Big Game Hunters are so proud of these little beauties. Every member of the Crooked Playhouse Family is very excited to be given a new home, and can't wait to bring your little ones some whacky and imaginative fun.

Looking suitably fit for a fruit salad, these wooden playhouses are refreshingly zesty and colourful! Have a browse through our Crooked Playhouse collection.

Which one's your favourite?

Crooked Cottage information

Crooked Cottage

The Crooked Cottage is the cutest of the family, with little crooked windows and a wonky yellow door. It's the pretty detailing that makes this playhouse stand out from the crowd. The realism of the charming chimney and detailed cladding roof lets them play houses and prepare for future home owning, yet the secret peep hole adds a fun sense of independence where they can keep a look out for intruders, i.e. parents!

Crooked Tower information

Crooked Tower

The Crooked Tower is the funkiest of the group, with a fun slide, ladder and balcony. This is an adapted version of the Crooked Cottage, providing some multi-level fun for the children. When we're young the excitement of making a fort on the sofa or a den on the coffee table is like nothing else. The multi-level freedom of the Crooked Tower lets them create their own hideout in the funky little home or play on the additional features.

Whacky Ranch information

Whacky Ranch

The Whacky Ranch is the quirkiest of the Crooked crew. The vivid grapey green will blend in with your garden perfectly, while giving the youngsters a unique place of their own to let their imaginations run wild. The wonky little windows and fun peepholes add lovely character to this unusual playhouse. It's brilliant for keeping guests entertained, although they'll never want to leave! Any little one would be proud to call the Whacky Ranch home.

Whacky Tower information

Whacky Tower

The Whacky Tower will bring endless adventures and games! It's the most charming of the Crooked Family, and with plenty of exciting features, the kids will be occupied for hours at a time. The multi-level design combined with the gorgeous grapey green offers a fun salute to the traditional tree house, while the pink slide and detailed balcony encourages lots of additional activity. They'll love creating a secret hideout inside, and being high off the ground lets them feel cosy and secure in their own little world.

Redwood Lodge information

Redwood Lodge

The Redwood Lodge is a bundle of funky fun. The kooky doors and windows are sure to get their imaginations going. Brilliant for any gardens, this compact little playhouse will be a perfect den for your youngsters. The bright berry blues are a lovely contrast to the natural timber, and the wonky features will inspire their very own magical fairytales. The carefully detailed timber and realistic chimney adds to the charm of this wonderful playhouse.

Redwood Tower information

Redwood Tower

The Redwood Tower is an exciting new addition to the Crooked Family, and will most definitely be 'adults by invitation only'! A fun adaptation of the Redwood Lodge, this funky playhouse will keep your little ones playing for years. With bright berry blue detailing and quirky features throughout, there'll be many adventures to come in this unique multi-level playhouse. Combining a tower, balcony, slide and ladder, there is plenty of variety for your cubs. This compact playhouse will fit into even the smallest of gardens, yet the interior feels spacious and airy. They can enter their new residence with the ladder, enjoy the cosiness of being up high in a hideout, and slide down from the porch in time for tea.

These lovely Crooked and Whacky playhouses will be a welcome addition to any home!