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History of Hi-Tower


The Building Blocks of Big Game Hunters

Big Game Hunters is a family run company that offers a variety of great outdoor toys and games including trampolines, basketball equipment and playhouses. We now have hundreds of lines but when we started there was only one; the Hi Tower!

The Foundations of Something Big

The Hi Tower began life at its creator Stuart Cardy's twins first birthday in 1997. A carpenter by trade, Stuart built the tower as something to keep the adults at the party entertained and it was a huge hit. Stuart's brother John and his wife Justine also attended on that day and were so impressed by his creation that they wanted to go into business together to spread this type of family fun around the country.

In the early days the plan was to sell the tower to big retailers and then later on direct to the public. Big Game Hunters took out adverts in magazines and attended trade shows. The operation started small with the Cardy's initially working 9-5 jobs during the day and running the new tower game business at night. It found its feet selling out of a catalogue and gradually began to grow in size.

A New Addition to the Family

In 2004 the Giant Tower, a smaller version of the Hi Tower was created for a large retailer with slightly shorter blocks. The current incarnation of this tower builds to approximately 1.8m in height whereas the larger original Hi tower can exceed 2m, but both have 58 block's.

In 2008 Big Game Hunters published its last mail order catalogue realising that the best way to provide Hi Towers and other garden toys to our customers was through the internet.

The Ever Growing Range

In 2010 the Mega Hi Tower in a bag was introduced as a smaller, more portable version of the Giant and Hi Tower games. It features a handy nylon storage bag which makes it easy to pack up the blocks and carry them around or pack them away neatly for the next time you want to play. The Mega Hi Tower can build to around 1.5m in height.

The Hi Tower built the foundations for Big Game Hunters to become what it is today. Starting life as means of providing entertainment in the garden this has continued with families all over the country and further afield in Europe. The way the tower reaches its players may have changed but the fun has stayed the same!