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How do I set up my Boules or Pétanque court?

boules set up
Boules originates from France and was often played on natural terrain allowing the game to be played in almost any location and requires minimal set up. As the game is small and compact it is ideal for taking to the beach or on holiday as it can provide entertainment for all players for hours.

Some people do however decide that they have the space, money and enjoy playing on a regular basis that they would benefit from having a dedicated Petanque court or boules pitch. Making a permanent area does take some planning and preparation to make sure that the area is level and the right amount of space is available. It is also important that you think about the drainage of the area as you do not want puddles to form on the pitch whilst you are trying to play.

Choosing the surface for the court is a very important decision to make and different surfaces will affect the boules in different ways. Most players prefer a softer surface as this helps to prevent damage to the boules when they are thrown. Players also prefer loose surfaces to play on as this helps to prevent the boules from rolling to far from where they land.

The standard measurements for a Petanque court or a boules pitch state that it should be at least 15 metres long with a width of 4 metres wide. By having a pitch which is the standard size allows players of all ages and abilities to join in with this classic garden game. A diagram showing the pitch layout is below for reference.
petanque pitch set up

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