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Parachute Activities & Songs

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Parachute Games often involve running on moving about and switching places. The activites we have included in this section do not involve as much energy and are often popular with many players. The games included within this section can be adapted to suit players of any age and ability. Sometimes these games are used towards the end of a session. If you are looking for more active games or activitves for finishing a session you can see more ideas here:

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Washing Machine

Players Needed: 5+

To start the game one person sits in the middle of the parachute, with their legs crossed and their arms in the air. The other players who are holding the parachute walk around in a circle and as eventually the parachute will get smaller and smaller the more you turn. Once the parachute has been wrapped around and there is not much left the people holding the edges quickly move out on the count of 3. This then causes the person in the middle to spin round quickly. Depending on the amount of players two players can sit in the middle but they do need to sit back to back.

washing machines

Music-Less Chairs

Players Needed: 8+

All of the players sit on chairs around the edge of the parachute evenly spaced out. All of the players are then given a number. A mushroom is then created and a number is shouted out as well as a description as what they need to act as while they swap places with another player. For example you would call out "Mushroom......Number Ones act like a monkey" and so on. After each one is shouted out a chair is removed from the circle. If the player does not have a place to sit then they are out and should stand out of the game. If the players get the hang of this then you can simply make more numbers move at the same time!



Players Needed: 8+

Four players hang onto the parachute and run around after the other players. They are aiming to cover a player with the parachute and the player is then eaten and then must attach themselves to the parachute and join in with the team catching the other players.


Turn it Over

Players Needed: 4+

Working as a team the players need to try and turn the parachute over.

turn it over


Players Needed: 4+

The parachute becomes a giant tortoise shell with all of the players underneath on their hands and knees. The idea is that the tortoise will move about yet remain in 1 piece. If the participants can get the hang of this then they can tackle an obstacle course appropriate to their abilities.


Quiz Games

Players Needed: 4+

The parachute can be used as a quiz game with older children. For example it may be a good way to make time tables more interesting and fun. You can create your own quiz games according to the age and abilities of the players.



Players Needed: 4+

Get several children under the parachute, drop the parachute on top and see if the players can work together to make the 'monster' move.


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