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Parachute Games for Kids

Parachute games are popular with Kids but adults also like to join in. The games below are popular with children of a variety of ages and can be adapted if needed. Kids enjoy running about and these games include this but also involves teamwork and co-operation to allow them to work. The games below can be changed according to the amount of players and the space available. We have also created some other sections including some games for smaller children and some which feature other equipment besides the parachute.
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Cat and Mouse

Players Needed: 6+

Two people are selected at random to be the cat and the mouse. Everyone else stands evenly around the edge holding it tightly. The "mouse" goes under the canopy while the "cat" (with shoes removed) carefully climbs in top on the parachute. The object is for the "cat" to catch the "mouse". The mouse can move in any direction and do anything they like but they must stay under the parachute! The players around the outside of the parachute can gently wiggle the parachute up and down trying to help hide where the mouse is. Once the cat has caught the mouse the players change over and the old cat and mouse take the new players space around the edge.

cat and mouse

Tiger Tiger

Players Needed: 8+

Two players are selected to be Tigers. The rest of the players then create a mushroom using the parachute and sit on the edges to hold it down. The two players who have been selected as tigers then have to try and get into the mushroom the other players have created. If the tigers manage to get into the parachute two new tigers are selected and the game can be restarted.


Tent Pole

Players Needed: 5+

Randomly select a player to be the tent pole and stand in the middle of the parachute. They need to hold the parachute as high as possible. The rest of the players then sit around the edge of the parachute. The player who is the tent pole in the middle then says another player's name. The tent pole then sits in that players space whilst they race to the middle to replace the tent pole before the parachute drops to the ground. This can then be repeated over and over.

tent pole


Players Needed: 6+

With the players spread evenly around the edge of the parachute give each player a number. One each player has been numbered place balls, beanbags or other objects available under the parachute. When the parachute is at the highest point shout out a number and the players with that number need to try and grab an item from under the parachute and get out before they are trapped inside.


Shoe Shuffle

Players Needed: 6+

Players are numbered around the parachute 1 to 6. A dice is then rolled to pick a number. All of the players with that number then remove a shoe and throw it under the parachute. On the count of three the parachute is lifted and the players missing shoes then go under the parachute and retrieve their shoe and get back to their place before the parachute drops to the floor. If you only have 6 players you might like to give each player two numbers to ensure multiple players go under to collect shoes.

shoe shuffle

Crossing Under

Players Needed: 8+

One person is selected to call out the different actions and reasons to cross under the parachute. All of the other players then hold either the handle or edge of the parachute, and either raises it as high as they can above their heads or they will need to flap the parachute up and down to make waves across the parachute. The leader shouts out different phrases and then the players need to cross under the parachute to an empty spot. Make sure players know to keep their eyes open and watch where they are going to avoid them bumping into other players. A few phrases that could be used include birthday months, clothing, hair styles, numbers, ages, names the list is endless and you can be as creative as you wish! If players get the hang of this you can try different movements while crossing under the parachute for example walking like an animal, hopping, skipping, sliding and so on. Another idea that you may like to do is to give each player an animal at the start of the game and if there animal is called out they have to make the sound the animal would make as they cross under the parachute.

crossing under

Parachute Tag

Players Needed: 5+

One person is selected to call out different players names throughout the game. Players hold around the edge of the parachute and then lift it as high as they can above their head. Two player's names are then called out and the two players need to swap places with each other before the parachute drops and tags the player on the head. If players are finding the game easy you can adapt and add in the movement the player must do when they are crossing to the other side.

parachute tag

Running Number Game

Players Needed: 8+

All of the players stand evenly spaced around the parachute a holds the parachute with one hand with everyone facing the same way. Each player is then given a number between 1 and 4. Players then start lightly running keeping hold of the parachute. A number is then shouted out and players with this number need to let go of the parachute and run round to the next empty spot. This means that the players need to have a sudden burst of speed to get them to move round to the next space.

running number game

One Hand Run

Players Needed: 6+

Every player holds the parachute with one hand and extending the opposite arm out for balance. Somebody is selected as a leader and shouts change at different points during the game. All players then run around in one direction until they hear "change" where they need to swap arms and run in the other direction. A variation of the game would be to use music and as they stop they change direction. Another variation of the game could be to add various movements in the way that they need to move around the parachute for example sliding, skipping, walking or galloping.

one hand run


Players Needed: 4+

Have all of the players stood around the outside of the parachute. Then add on 3 or 4 skipping ropes or pieces of string or wool. The players need to then shake the parachute to prevent the snakes from "biting" (touching) you.


Busy Bees

Players Needed: 6+

An adult or the oldest child is elected the 'queen bee'. The other children are then given names such as 'worker' 'honey bee' 'drone' 'bumble' and any other bee names you can think of (you can make these up if you like). The 'queen bee' then randomly says, "Go to work honey bee" or any other of the names you have chosen and the child named that name needs to run around underneath the parachute as the other children fling it in the air (and back to their place before it comes back down). When the queen bee shouts, "Busy bees!" all children run under the parachute and then must find another space to stand around the parachute that is different from the one before!