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Parachute Games for Winding Down

Sometimes players don't want to pack away the parachute and finish playing as they have had so much fun and enjoyment. The games and activities below help players pack away the parachute after they have finished playing and these games help players understand it is time to slow down and stop. If you want to some of the activities we have included in the warming up section can be adapted to help with winding down and there are also some activities which may be suitable here:

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Players Needed: 6+

All the players spread evenly round the parachute. Players raise the parachute as high as they can in the air and then bring it down fast and kneel on the edge waving their arms in the air. All of the players then fall forwards one at a time until they have all fallen in. When players can do it successfully, have all of the players raised back up onto their knees before all of the air comes out of the parachute. This may need to be practiced a couple of times with the parachute laying flat. You may also like to assign players numbers and call them out one at a time.


Air Conditioning

Players Needed: 6+

This game is good to play after an energetic game as it is calming and relaxing. Split the players into two, three or four players. Get one team of the players to lay underneath the parachute with their heads towards the centre. The rest of the players standing around the outside hold the parachute and then quickly raise and lower the parachute. Air rushing in and out of the parachute cools those underneath like a giant fan and the sensation can feel strange. Swap over after a couple of minutes to allow everyone to experience the feeling.

air conditioning


Players Needed: 5+

All the players hold on to the edge of the parachute and slowly walk round in a circle. This creates a Merry-Go-Round atmosphere. For variety you make like to get players to complete the movement with different actions for example, skip, hop or jump.

merry go round banner


Players Needed: 4+

Once the parachute has been rolled up it can become a Chinese Dragon. All of the players create a line, one behind each other and holding the parachute above their heads. They can then go around the room with the parachute in any motion they like. Some people like to create a chant to keep everyone in time. The parachute then heads for the bag and the dragon disappears!


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