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Playhouses - Safety, Maintenance, Materials, Installation & Guarantee

Please follow this guide to maximise the enjoyment and ensure the longevity of your playhouse.


  • All playhouses meet all current design and manufacturing safety legislation. They are compliant with British and European Standards BS5665 EN71 and are CE certified.
  • All playhouses are for use in residential/domestic environments only.
  • Suitable for children age: 18 months - 12 years (check each playhouses' instructions for specific age suitability).
  • The playhouses are designed for outdoor use only.
  • As with all activity play equipment, we recommend that children are supervised by an adult during play.
  • Do not climb/play on the roof of the playhouse.
  • Designed for use by 2 children with total weight of 100kg (check the playhouse instructions for weight limits specific to your playhouse).
  • Must be assembled by an adult.
  • If playhouse includes platform, it is recommended that it is secured to the ground using ground anchors for stability.
  • All playhouses higher than 60cm should be installed on well drained, level ground.
  • Playhouses should be installed on a child safe surface such as grass, bark, sand or safety tiles to prevent children from being hurt if they fall.
  • 2 metres should be kept clear around the edge of the structure to ensure safe play.
  • Climbing and access are not allowed over walls, hanging bars, handrails and onto roofs. Entry to platforms should be by ladders and steps only.
  • Never place the playhouse on a wet surface.
  • If a playhouse includes a slide, it is advised not to position slide facing south; due to heat from sun which could make slide hot to touch.


  • Check equipment regularly for loose splinters which may occur.
  • Like all children’s play equipment, Big Game Hunters' equipment should be regularly inspected and the bolts, screws and nuts tightened, if necessary.
  • ‘Regularly’ is understood to mean: after assembly and twice a month during the outdoor playing season.
  • Check the condition of the stain each year.
  • To ensure the product’s durability, playhouses must be given a new layer of wood preserver each year; use a water based paint/wood stain. Always follow the coating manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Care should be taken to avoid damaging the timber components during gardening (mowing, strimming etc.)
  • A wooden floor is available separately for ground-level playhouses, unless stated otherwise. Multi-level playhouses include a wooden floor, unless stated otherwise.


  • All Big Game Hunters' playhouses are made from Fir wood; providing natural protection against wood rot, mould and vermin.
  • All Fir wood has been Heat Treated before production.
  • For extra protection and finish, the wood has been treated with a water based stain; an environmentally friendly product. All stains are CCA free, meaning there are no harsh chemicals, and complies with EN71 Toy Safety Standards.
  • All wood is sourced from sustainable and maintained forests.


  • Playhouses are part-finished. Panels are pre-drilled and ready to fit.
  • Doors, windows and roofs are pre-assembled; ready for quick and easy installation.
  • Each playhouse comes complete with an easy-to-follow instruction manual.
  • 2 adults are required to build and install each playhouse.
  • Installation should take no longer than 30-45 minutes.


  • Workmanship and other materials are guaranteed for one year.
  • The playhouses are designed for personal use. It is not suitable for them to be hired out or to be placed in public areas.
  • The guarantee and any other liabilities shall expire if the playhouse is hired out/used in public areas.
  • Wood is a natural product that is subject to weather influences that could cause the wood to warp and split. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by weather influences
  • We reserve the right to improve and evolve the structures at any time, particularly to keep up with new safety requirements.
  • The guarantee is subject to proper installation and normal use and conditions. The guarantee covers exchange of damaged goods, but not any delivery, travel or labour costs involved in installation and replacement of parts.
  • All Safety, Maintenance, Material, Installation and Guarantee information is specific to each Big Game Hunters playhouse, please check the documentation included when your item arrives.