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The Future of Jenga

Future of Jenga

As well as looking at the History of the game, it is also good to look at the future - where is the game going? Do we think it will be around in a few years? What new versions of the game are available?

Well to start off with, even celebrities have been playing the game like Kesha, Scott Mills off of Radio One and Serge from Kasabian at the Brit Awards, contestants on I'm a celebrity, formula one drivers and even Olympians in the Olympic park!

Future of Giant Jenga

Giant Tower Jenga Style Games Last - Fact

The beauty of the Giant and Hi Towers are they really last the test of time. We know people that have had their game well over ten years now. That isn't to say if you left your wooden blovks out to face the elements it would last forever - but ensuring you pack it up after use, we are certain you will be able to keep playing the game for many years to come.

Different Versions of the Game Jenga

As well as the giant versions of the game there have been a number of different variations released too.
Jenga Xtreme uses pieces which are parallelogram shaped - creating very interesting 'leaning tower of Jenga's' if you will!

Truth or Dare Jenga
This is a game created for adults where each block is one of three colours. Two of the colours (for example red and green) are assigned either 'truth' or 'dare'. If a player moves either of these bricks on their turn they must complete a dare or a truth from a pack of cards or written on the block.

This could be fairly easy to replicate with your giant tower. Just carefully mark each block or some of the blocks with stickers that refer to a deck of cards with questions/dares etc. on them. You could then make the game as interesting or as saucy as you like (for adults that is)! A child friendly version could be tasks like spin round three times or collect a sweet or chocolate.

Throw & Go Jenga
This is made by Hasbro, and has a die as well as blocks in three different. The die has instructions rather than numbers such as 'Wild' meaning remove any block, from anywhere or 'Red/Mid' meaning remove a red block or one from the middle.

Jenga Video Games

There are now video games available for Jenga, available on Nintendo Wii and DS. There are a variety of different levels and scenarios. For example an ice round makes each block 'harder' to grip and a jungle level where dinosaurs make the tower tremble.
Unfortunately the popularity of the computerised versions have not over taken the physical version - mainly for the cost but also for the very fact that the joy of the game comes from the real physical skill and tension of playing it.

The computer versions have been slammed by critics - so we say stick to the real thing!