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Trampoline Brand Guide


Trampoline Brand Overview

In the table below are some of the most popular and best selling trampolines in the United Kingdom. Chances are if you on the net looking for a trampoline you will definitely come into contact with at least one of them and will have given some consideration to buying.

Trampoline Brand Skyhigh Orbisphere Zero Gravity Ultima Kanga Sportspower Plum Magnitude
Sizes Available 8ft - 14ft 6ft - 14ft 6ft - 12ft 8ft - 14ft 6ft - 14ft
Number of Springs 48 - 80 Springs 42(8ft) - 84 Springs 48 (8ft) - 72 Springs ??? (Not Listed) 42 (8ft) - 80 Springs
Spring Length 165mm 140mm ??? (Not Listed) ??? (Not Listed) 140mm - 178mm
Frame Tube 38.1mmx1.5mm (8ft) ??? (Not Listed) ??? (Not Listed) ??? (Not Listed) 38.1mmx1.5mm (8ft)
Surround Pads 21mm thick (PVC top) 20mm thick (PVC top) 12mm thick (PE top) ??? (Not Listed) 20mm thick (PVC top)
Maximum Weight 100kg (on 8ft) - 120kg (on 14ft) 75kg (on 8ft)- 100kg (on 14ft) 100kg (on 8ft)- 120kg (on 12ft) 75kg (on 8ft) - 100kg (on 14ft) 75kg (on 8ft) - 125kg (on 14ft)
Warranty 5 years on frame, 1 year all other parts 1 year on all parts 1 year on all parts ""Manufacturer's limited lifetime guarantee"" 5 years on frame, 2 years on pads and mat and 1 year on net

The market for trampolines can be confusing. There are lots of different brands, models and sizes available. It is difficult to know exactly what you are getting for your money if you don't compare the specifications of each the various brands side by side.

In this guide we seek to give you a better idea on how some of the best selling brands compare. We have assessed this across a number of criteria including springs, frame, pads and weight limit. This will give you an idea of the quality of the bounce, durability and whether the trampolines can be enjoyed by people of all ages so you can be better informed when you buy.

Skyhigh Orbisphere

Skyhigh are an established brand beginning their history in 2002. The Skyhigh Orbisphere launched in 2017 and since has gone on to be one of the most successful trampoline lines in the United Kingdom. Its green curved pole enclosure design will blend well into any garden and there are two enclosure poles per upright leg section to ensure the safest design possible.


  • Orbispheres come fitted with a good quantity of 165mm long springs which means that they have a very exciting and expressive bounce
  • The 38.1mm frame supports a weight limit of 100kg in the 8ft model and 120kg in the 14ft so kids and adults alike can enjoy the trampoline
  • Cons

  • It may take slightly longer to take down in wind as there are more enclosure uprights than the Zero Gravity, Kanga and Sportspower trampolines
  • Zero Gravity Ultima

    Zero Gravity has built a strong position in the round trampoline market with over ten years experience in the business. Their ""Ultima"" model is very popular and features a blue, yellow and black colour scheme.

    It is fitted with 140mm long galvanised springs and a curved pole ""quick release"" enclosure system with one upright per U shaped leg


      • ""Click and Release"" enclosure system makes it easier to detach the enclosure poles from the trampoline in windy conditions
      • 20mm thick PVC top pads are durable and will make it comfortable getting on and off the trampoline


      • In our opinion 140mm springs aren't long enough to produce a truly outstanding bounce
      • A weight limit of 75kg in the 8ft model isn't really high enough to support the weight of a lot of adults


    Kanga are a long stranding brand in the trampoline world and have released a new line of round trampolines in 2018 to instant acclaim. It features a black colour scheme with yellow trim and curved enclosure poles.

    The range starts at 6ft and goes up to 12ft with 14mm thick surround pads.


      • The enclosure system gives the trampoline a modern look

      • 100kg is a good weight limit for an 8ft trampoline and is therefore suitable for adults


      • 14mm pads are thinner than some of the other trampolines in this guide and because they are covered with PE material it makes them less durable than trampolines with a PVC covering
      • Whilst the number of springs is of a good quantity Kanga don't disclose the length of the springs so it is difficult to compare the bounce to the other trmapolines


        Sportspower are well known for their association with Argos and they sell well in their various branches nationwide. Their most popular model shares a lot of similarities with the Zero Gravity Ultima: there is one curved enclosure pole per U shaped leg and it features the click and release or ""folding"" enclosure.


      • If you want to pick up the trampoline flat packed in person rather than having it delivered you can do this from your local Argos branch
      • Much like the Zero gravity trampoline you can detach the enclosure poles fairly easily if there is bad weather


      • It is very difficult to pass judgment on a number of key variables with the range of trampolines as the number and length of springs as well as the thickness of the frame is not disclosed
      • Sportspower has a similar frame structure to the Zero Gravity Ultima and therefore has the same problem of a lower user weight limit than the Orbisphere or Kanga

    Plum Magnitude

    Plum Magnitude make use of an all black colour scheme and this model in particular has been around for the longest time of any of the trampolines in this guide. Plum themselves are a well known brand and have featured in many prominent retailers

      • The weight limit in the larger trampolines in the range is good with the 14ft supporting up to 125kg
      • Surround pad is of a high standard and covered in PVC which will enhance it's durability


        • Poles on the enclosure are bare foam which is more likely to weather in the winter and peel away than trampolines which have a cover over the poles.
        • Because Plum are a retail brand their prices are often the most expensive of any of the trampolines in this guide.