14ft Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads, 14ft in size or indeed other sizes can take a lot of hammering day after day but there will come a point when these 14ft trampoline pads will need to be renewed. 14ft Trampoline padding due to its sheer size will generally take a lot more wear and tear than that of the smaller sizes as larger people will be using this size more.

At Big Game Hunters we will only supply the best pads we can find and these are the two brands in the 14ft trampoline padding range, Fun and Skyhigh which ensure you have the quality and protection you and your children need.

The 14ft Fun Trampoline pad comes complete with elasticated straps and toggles for attaching it to the trampoline the 14ft trampoline padding has a 30cm wide trampoline skirt. The 14ft Fun Trampoline pad is our best value 14ft trampoline pad in the range.

Second, is the 14ft Skyhigh Deluxe Trampoline Pads which boasts a 27mm thick Trampoline pad, extra wide 37cm trampoline skirt and a rubberised PVC canvas covering the 14ft trampoline pad. The 14ft Skyhigh Trampoline pad is our best quality pad, that is why all the trampoline packages include this brand of pad.

If you need some more help or information about our pads and packages - please click on the picture below which will take you to the trampoline pad buying guide.

Trampoline Padding Guide