School Play Equipment

If you've read 'Our Story' you'll know we're incredibly proud to be called 'the Play Experts'. This truly reflects our passion for outdoor games and our commitment to inspire learning through play.

Our dedication to provide the best outdoor games and school play equipment has rewarded us with an array of schools and sports clubs who continually rely on us with confidence.

From humble beginnings, our highly knowledgeable team have developed their expertise to understand and value the need for high quality and inspiring play equipment for schools.

Through working closely with teachers, coaches and schools, our play equipment has been carefully designed to aid and encourage learning while inspiring lots of fun...

school play equipment

Sports and PE Equipment

We have a vast selection of sports equipment, catering to all key stages and ability levels. Our range includes sports balls, training equipment, storage solutions and coaching aids. As well as a huge range of equipment, we provide resources including guides and coaching tips through working closely with teachers, sports clubs and schools.

Our sports equipment includes a range of Basketball and Netball units with height-adjustment systems to cater for a range of ages and skill levels. We are proud to present a comprehensive choice of sports balls from leading brands, including Lusum, Mitre and Gilbert, as well as select fitness aids to support and enhance agility in training sessions or fitness drills.

We also have a selection of inclusive sports games sets which are suitable for incorporating into PE lesson plans to encourage sportsmanship, wet playtime in the gym or field games. These sports games are pefect for adding quick and enjoyable games to longer PE lessons, while also providing brilliant cross-curricular team building exercises.

children playing in school

Imaginative and Creative Play Equipment

We truly appreciate the value of imaginative play, which is why we provide a range of cotton wigwams, play tents, wooden playhouses and sandpits designed to inspire children's creativity. Our play tents are perfect for creating a quiet space in the classroom or inspiring adventures in the playground, while our sand and water play equipment encourages exciting sensory play.

Sand and Water Play Equipment

Perfect for children in foundation level and key stage 1, our range of sandpits encourage little ones to creatively play and explore outdoors, experiencing different textures and environments with their peers and teachers. Seeing children grow and thrive in creative environments is truly special, so we have developed a range of sandpits that can be easily assembled on any play area, without needing an in-ground area, making them accessible for all schools and nurseries.

Our sandpits are made with pre-treated high quality wood, adding a natural and attractive feel to your play area. The light wood blends perfectly into existing wooden playgrounds, adding a fun element of sensory play, or a sandpit can be the foundation of a new play area dedicated to enhancing creativity and inspiring messy play with sand, water and mud!

Available in a range of different shapes and sizes, our sandpits offer versatility for a range of schools and nurseries, and have been developed using high quality materials to offer long lasting play.

Playhouses, Play Tents and Wigwams

We love that imaginative play allows children to think for themselves and narrate their own play worlds with their own direction and rules. We're inspired by children's imaginations and their ability to learn through creative play, so we've made sure that our playhouses and play tents facilitate and encourage them.

Child Playing Hopscotch in Playground

Playground Games

We understand the importance of engaging young people in healthy, physical activity and our selection of games have been designed specifically to encourage and inspire this. Our games are perfect for indoors and outdoors, enlivening any gym or outdoor play area.

From target games that promote balance, coordination, throwing and catching, to team activities that enhance communication, cooperation and leadership skills, we have a whole range of playground games that represent true quality for long-lasting play. Our games incorporate perfectly into active lesson plans and provide endless playground entertainment for break-times, after-school clubs and field trips.

Giant Playground Games

Our humble beginnings, which involved the creation of our ever popular wooden Tower games, have evolved into a whole range of giant games that are suitable for indoor and outdoor play, including Giant Chess, Draughts, Snakes and Ladders and Dominoes. These giant games are perfect for the playground, helping to develop essential skills that will last a lifetime. Designed to promote teamwork, sharing, tactical thinking and coordination, our giant games provide lots of playground fun on a giant scale.

Sports Day Games and After School Activities

The fun isn't limited to the classroom! We've got a whole range of sports day games and after school activities to bring lots of enjoyment outside of class. We know for many children sports day is an event that's eagerly awaited all year round, so we've got a selection of games that encourage focus on a variety of skill sets and techniques.

Includes a wide range of target games to promote accuracy. throwing technique and hand-eye coordination, as well as racing games with high quality accessories to inspire teamwork, collaborative play and dexterity.

Sports day games and after school activities set the scene for a wonderfully supportive atmostphere, where class peers, teachers and parents can all support each other in a variety of different activities. It's a wonderful opportunity to try out new activities and develop new skills that can also provide cross-curricular benefits.