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Break times are a brilliant opportunity for children to play and refresh their minds between lessons. Our playground games provide lots of entertainment for children of all ages, with a range to inspire active outdoor play as well as a variety for indoor play. These games bring children together and promote collaborative play with exciting group activities that everyone can enjoy. Playing games in break times encourages children to lead their own playtime, involving lots of decision making and problem solving; they can decide which games to play, how the teams will be organised and how to share the games amongst themselves fairly.

Our playground games include varieties for all weathers, with a selection that are smaller and compact so they're perfect to use in the classroom on rainy days, while many encourage lots of active outdoor play in the sunshine. Games inspire constructive play with aim and focus, giving children plenty to do in their break times and keeping their minds active between classes. This really helps them to feel energised and ready to learn, promoting concentration and focus ready for class.

Playground games create a wonderful foundation for building friendships, and can even be the first building block for building brand new friendships. Constructive playground activities bring children together who may be in different classes or year groups, inspiring shared fun that gives them a common activity or goal to talk about and enjoy with each other. Making new friends outside of class and strengthening friendships with classmates helps to develop sociability and the confidence to talk to each other while sharing in the fun.

This sociability and confidence is also developed through working together in teams to play the games, creating a wonderful sense of achievement. Break-time games in the playground are lead by the children which helps to encourage initiative and organisation, as well as inclusive play which helps to boost each other's confidence and happiness.

Our range of games encourages a variety of skill sets, supporting their natural growth and development in school, particularly for key stages 1-2. A selection of games can become progressively more challenging depending on the ability of the children playing, offering different difficulty levels for a range of ages.

As well as developing self-confidence and sociability, our range of games also promote a number of physical skills, supporting development in physical education and sports. Including fine motor skills, reaction skills, coordination and dexterity, our target and activity games inspire lots of energy and enthusiasm for learning in the playground.