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Basketball Equipment for Schools

Our select range of basketball hoops and equipment for schools brings together high quality and reliable units from a variety of highly regarded and trusted brands, including Bee-Ball and Sure Shot. Featuring a range of portable basketball stands, basketball backboards and specialist basketball units, there is a selection for a variety of key stages and ability levels.

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Each basketball unit is approved to official European standards and manufactured to the highest standard, offering optimum durability for long lasting play. We are also proud to present a range of basketball units approved by England Basketball and Basketball Scotland.

Our range of portable basketball stands allow you to easily move them aside once class is over, something that's particularly useful in smaller sports halls or playgrounds used for multiple sports and activities. The portable units feature durable wheels at the front of the base, allowing you to wheel them quickly and effortlessly into the equipment storage room or to one side in the sports hall. The wheels glide smoothly along the sports hall floor, or outside on the playground, providing easy set-up before and after class or training.

Perfect for primary school and secondary school, the portable basketball stands come equipped with height adjustment systems, offering fantastic versatility. Quick and simple winding handles or levers allow you to adjust the height between classes, catering for a full range of ages and skills levels, or even during class for a variety of drills or exercises.

For infants in key stage 1, our smaller portable stands encourage young children to develop throwing and accuracy, extending from 1.65m to 2.05m, while our high specification stands adjust to the regulation height of 3.05m, developing advanced basketball technique and skilled shots for juniors in primary key stage 2 and secondary key stage 3-4.

For walled playgrounds, smaller spaces or gym halls, our basketball backboards provide a practical solution for basketball PE lessons or club training sessions. Saving space, these backboards attach to your chosen wall with ease, and feature a variety of hoop sizes for different key stages.