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Basketballs vary greatly - from the small street ball for your ten year old up to the professional club player. We have selected a number from a variety of brands such as Wilson, Molten and Lusum, to give everyone what they may be looking for.

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  1. Wilson Basketballs Wilson NBA Authentic In/Out Basketball
  2. Wilson Basketballs Wilson WNBA Auth Series Basketball Size 6
  3. Wilson Basketballs Wilson WNBA Official Game Basketball
  4. Wilson Basketballs Wilson NBA Composite LA Lakers Basketball
  5. Wilson Basketballs Wilson FIBA 3X3 Replica Basketball
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  6. Wilson Basketballs Wilson Reaction Composite Basketball
  7. Wilson Basketballs Wilson Evolution Basketball
  8. Wilson Basketballs Wilson NBA DRV Plus
  9. Wilson Basketballs Wilson NBA Authentic Outdoor Basketball
  10. Molten Basketballs 5 / Red Molten BGR Basketball
  11. Molten Basketballs Molten BG4500 Indoor Basketball
  12. Molten Basketballs Molten BG3800 Match Basketball
  13. Molten Basketballs Molten BG3000 Outdoor Basketball

Basketball is one of the largest growing sports in the UK. We love the sport so we have hunted down the widest range of high quality basketball balls for a multitude of uses.

Whether you are looking for a ball to go with your basketball stand or a number of basketballs for a club or school we have the basket ball you are looking for.

We have selected a number from a variety of brands to give everyone what they may be looking for. If you have had a look through our range and still can't find what you are after - or you are not sure then please get on the blower and talk to one of our experts.

Molten Basketballs
The FIBA Brand...
Molten are a well-known sports equipment manufacturer who produce a number of high quality, well established basketballs that are used in competitive tournaments and matches across the globe.

With several high specification basketballs to choose from, Molten are widely considered to be one of the leading names in the sport, with several of their balls used in high profile competitions and all of them approved by FIBA.
Big Game Hunters stock all of the Molten basketballs on offer and are committed to offering the entire Molten range at fantastic prices.

Spalding Basketballs
The Official NBA Brand...
For over 130 years Spalding has been a leader in innovation and quality in the game of basketball. Spalding have never afraid to develop and launch new products and as such, their basketballs are used throughout the world in clubs, schools and leagues. When asked what is their company ethos, they say;
"We are motivated by every athlete, no matter the age or ability, to create the perfect product for all levels"

Big Game Hunters stock a wide range of Spalding basketballs for use in recreation, schools, club and professional levels. Our range includes training and match balls with many available in sizes 5, 6 and 7.
Baden Basketballs
The American College Brand...
Baden are an American manufacturer of sports equipment, including high quality and affordable basketballs. Baden basketball are used by professional teams and players, schools and clubs and amateur player for recreational use, with different balls being suitable for different playing scenarios. Baden also produce basketballs that are designed for training and match balls, as well as those for indoor and outdoor use. These balls offer enhanced performance as a result of their specification being tailored specifically to their use.

Baden have been producing a huge range of impressive basketballs for many years, and are widely considered to be one of the biggest names in the sport. Baden have a big influence in college and schools basketball in America, with a number of their different basketball products being used as the official basketball for different associations and organisations.

Our Baden basketballs are all designed to last for a long time and offer what is often considered to be the benchmark of performance.

Choosing the correct size ball can be a challenge - especially if you are buying a basketball for a gift and you do not play the game yourself.

The link below shows gives you a guide to the correct ball size for the age of player. If your child is particularly tall for their age, you may want to go slightly bigger than the chart suggests.

As with all of our products - we have specialists on hand to help you with any decision you may be struggling to make! We can also arrange special bulk order deals for school and clubs - so if you are buying for those reasons then please do contact us.