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Carrom Board Accessories and Equipment

At Big Game Hunters, we supply all Carrom board accessories and equipment, from carrom powders, boards, stands and coins. Our carrom bags make it perfect for you to transport your Carrom board safely and effectively, so you can enjoy the game wherever you go.

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  1. World Carrom Tour Carrom Powder WCT Tournament Grade Ultra Fine Carrom Powder
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When you want to transport your board it might not be ideal to simply throw it in the car or use the original box used during transport. This is why we offer the protective storage carry bag for Carrom boards. It is an excellent way to both store and transport your board and is made of a durable material. It features a wide and soft Velcro flap top which means you can put the board in the bag and not leave scratches that may be caused by metal zips. The carry handles are strong which makes it easy to carry around when it is in the bag. It also has an adjustable carry strap which you can use if you want to put the bag over your shoulder. Best of all when you do want to play the bag will keep your board dust free and in pristine condition.

It is great to play your board at home or at a friend's house but it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable surface. Even if you do find a suitable surface you might not want to risk damaging furniture whilst playing! Our Carrom stand is perfect for this situation and allows you stand the board 74.5cm off the ground and play until your heart's content. It is made from a powder coated aluminium construction which makes it durable and tough. The stand can also fold away which makes it easy to store and transport. When you want to begin playing again it is easy to pull the stand out again and rest your board on it.