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Croquet Mallets

We stock a wide range of croquet mallets, including (in order of quality) the Lawn Croquet Mallet, Cottage Croquet Mallet, Longworth Croquet Mallet, Townsend Croquet Mallet and Hurlingham Croquet Mallet. Also available to be bought singularly.

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Croquet Mallets can be a big consideration when buying a Croquet set. You may already have a croquet set and be looking to replace your mallets - or perhaps you want to increase the size of your set so more people can play at once? We have a selection of croquet mallets for sale here at Big Game Hunters - and we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

The main decision involved when buying a mallet is who will the user be? Will the croquet mallet be for children to use or adults?

If the user is a child or a shorter adult, then we would suggest our Cottage Croquet Mallets Set which are lightweight and suitable for the whole family.

If the user is an adult, and you are an inexperienced player then a good choice of mallet would be the Longworth Croquet Mallets Set which includes four mallets and are suitable for players of any experience level.

The highest quality croquet mallets for sale here at Big Game Hunters are the Hurlingham Mallets Set which includes a solid Ash wood shaft and brass ended Rose wood mallet head for both quality and strength.

There are a few things which need to be taken into consideration when choosing a croquet mallet.

The Mallet Head

There are different types of mallet head on the croquet equipment market. It is important to consider that a mallet with rounded edges on the face will make the croquet mallet last longer as the head is less likely to chip and wear. The harder the wood of the mallet head, the longer the croquet mallet is likely to last also - soft woods will wear away and dent very easily and quickly.

The narrower the mallet head, the harder it will be to make an accurate shot - so if you are new to the game try to find a mallet head which has a bigger face.

Square versus round is usually down to personal preference and the difference is quite small. Most serious mallets used in competitions will have a square head as it is easier to play some more difficult shots, but for most the differences are unnoticeable.

The Mallet Shaft

These can be bought in different materials also. The length should be chosen on the height of the player - if you are unsure it is better to have one that is too long than too short so we would recommend going longer.

They come in different shapes - round, octagonal and oval and can be solid or spliced. Spliced will give a strength from two different woods, but also be a little less expensive than the solid varieties. These vary in stiffness with solid varieties usually being less stiff. The weight is also a consideration and woods like Ash are beneficial as they are light but maintain the strength.

The Mallet Weight

The overall weight of your croquet mallet is also a consideration when buying a croquet mallet. The heavier mallets will be more difficult for children to play with, but better at longer shots for adults. A lighter mallet will be more suited to delicate strokes - especially if you have a very well maintained, fast croquet lawn.

Most people will have a mallet around 1.2 - 1.5kg in weight.

We sell all of our croquet mallets as singular items too. This can be extremely handy if you have broken one mallet - or a particular mallet in your set has had a lot more use and is no longer performing as well as the other croquet mallets in your set.

Singular mallets include (in order of quality) Cottage Croquet Mallet, Longworth Croquet Mallet and Hurlingham Croquet Mallet.