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Giant Jenga & Hi-Tower Games

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  1. Big Game Hunters Super Giant Hi-Tower
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Our very first product at Big Game Hunters was the Hi-Tower, and in the last fifteen years we have sold over 100,000 units of the Giant Tumble Tower Games.

This game just makes a party go off with a bang (or a crash as the towers fall over!) The Hi-Tower game entertains both young and old all day long. One of our giant tower games will last for years and prove to be a hit year after year.

Since our very first giant tumble towers, we have expanded our range and now sell other garden games such as Croquet Sets which range from simple family sets up to professional wooden sets in solid wood boxes.

Keeping in theme with the Giant Garden Hi Tower game, another giant game which is extremely popular now is Giant Connect IV. This garden game is specifically for two players, and can become quite addictive!
Giant Jenga

The aim of the garden tower game is to slowly remove one block at a time and stack this on top of the tower making the tower taller, the tower will continue to increase in height until the tower becomes unsteady and falls over. The person who pulls the last block before it falls or as its falling is the loser, and usually then restacks the tower for the next game. The giant tumble tower which provides the quickest game is the Mega Hi Tower building to a maximum of approximately 1.5 metres.