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Netball Posts for Schools

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Our high quality school netball posts and equipment is here to fully support your PE classes and sports clubs. Our netball posts for schools make an excellent playground addition and are great for keeping pupils active. All of our school netball posts have full height adjustment and are suited both primary and secondary school age groups.

Our netball equipment is made with strong and durable materials for long lasting play, and feature height adjustment systems for brilliant versatility. The height adjustment mechanisms are easy to use with durable handles for repetitive adjusting whenever required, and extend to a variety of heights to cater for a full range of ages and abilities. Each netball post details the adjustable heights and the suitable age ranges to help you choose quickly and easily.

Our wheel-away school netball posts offer portability for versatile play, making it easy to move them between sports halls or the playground. Featuring hardwearing wheels at the front of the base, the stand simply wheels to the desired location. The large bases filled with sand and water weighs the stands down securely, offering safe stability during play. Wheel-away netball posts are perfect for gym halls used for multiple activities, allowing it to be moved to one side or neatly stored away between play.

With a range of adjustable heights and full size hoops, our range of school netball posts are ideal for shooting practice for a variety of ages and abilities, as the hoop height can be extended as the skills progress. A lower height encourages younger children to develop their aim and target practice with a shorter distance from the hoop, extending the hoop height as their strength and abilities progress. At the official full height of 3.05m, children can practice shooting at match level and develop further advanced skills. This allows our netball stands to incorporate perfectly into a variety of lessons and classes for all ages and abilities.

We're really proud to provide school netball equipment that supports your teaching and coaching. Seeing the boost in children's confidence and their growing abilities is brilliant, and we're so pleased to help facilitate this with our equipment. Developing shooting skills, hand-eye coordination, physical ability and fitness all contributes to an increase in self-confidence which encourages children to approach all areas of learning with the same confidence and belief in their abilities.