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Playground Games KS1

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This selection of inspiring playground games designed for key stage 1 are designed to support children's natural learning process in years 1 and 2. This is a magical stage in school where brand new skills are acquired and developed, and these new skills build an important foundation for further learning and growth in school. Our key stage 1 games support physical education, incorporating perfectly into PE games lessons while also providing lunchtime entertainment for the playground, where little ones are continually learning and exploring.

Our KS1 playground games encourage and develop a variety of skill sets through play, whether incorporated into games lessons or inspiring child-led play in the playground. Young children can enjoy playing together while acquiring a broad range of skills with cross-curricular benefits, and these skills will be treasured now and forever.

Natural progression in key stage 1 physical education sees children developing coordination and control skills, through a variety of activities including games and gymnastics. With a range of inspiring and brightly coloured games, we're here to support this invaluable learning process and encourage children to develop physical control and coordination. Through a variety of target based and active games, children practice throwing and catching as well as developing aim and accuracy in order to play the games.

These versatile games encourage a combination of skills including balance, agility and an awareness of space, helping little ones to be self-aware and conscious of how their movements impact the activity. Playing and succeeding in the games also create a wonderful inspirational atmosphere where children are learning from each other as well as developing their own skills.

Our KS1 games help children to learn the importance of rules, using simple tactics and how to keep score, all of which form the basis of performing well in many sports as well as cross-curricular activities. To succeed in the games and play them properly, the rules needs to be followed, and children can see how following these rules leads to a fair and happy environment. Being able to understand rules and follow them carefully helps young children to develop the ability to listen, focus and enjoy the benefits of taking part in the game or even winning the game.

These games also incorporate simple tactics which involve calculating and creating strategies to complete the tasks, highlighting the value of thinking ahead and even starting to think about how other players may be thinking and what their tactics may be. Keeping the score is also important to keep the games fair while also encouraging team spirit, and helps children to develop their numeracy skills when adding up the points.

Children are beginning to develop and understand the importance of teamwork in the early years of primary school, developing an understanding of each other's feelings and how their actions can affect others. Our team games help to develop team spirit and the magic of working as a team to succeed.

Healthy competition encourages children to work in teams to share ideas and develop strategies together, working towards a common goal. This involves lots of communication and understanding, learning how to listen to each other and care about the thoughts and opinions of others.

With differing levels of difficulty in our variety of games, young children learn to trust and rely on each other as well as believing in their own abilities and developing self-confidence. Developing trust in others and self-confidence through cooperative play lays a wonderful foundation for coping with increasingly challenging situations, now and in the future.