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Playground Games KS2

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Children are developing a whole range of skills in key stage 2, absorbing huge amounts of knowledge and building lots of friendships along the way. Our range of high quality games supports their development in the playground, perfect for incorporating into PE games lessons or providing huge amounts of break-time fun.

Our selection of games encourages a range of skills which form the basis of most sports and development in physical education. Precision, control and accuracy are all key skills promoted through our playground games, requiring children to carefully place counters, aim towards targets or even use flexibility to play limbo!

Being able to lead friends and peers in a fair manner and be able to take control of a situation are such valuable skills, and our selection of games encourages children to develop these skills through teamwork. Promoting collaborative play, children can create strategies and learn to follow the rules fairly, listening to each other while putting forward their own ideas and tactics. Contributing to the natural progression in sociability and understanding one another through key stage 2, our games encourage children to work as a team and enjoy group activity.

Whether incorporated into class or provided as a games area in the playground, children can take part in energetic and challenging entertainment with their peers, helping to keep their minds alert and ready to continue learning throughout the day. Our games inspire exciting outdoor play, keeping children entertained outside in the fresh air and promoting valuable physical exercise.