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Swing Seats

Our kids & baby swing seats have all been specially selected to give you a good range & choice of seats. All of our kids garden swings can be transformed into a tree swing if you have a swing frame in your garden.

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Each and every one can be transformed into a tree swing if you don't have a swing frame in your garden - just head to our Tree Swings section to see the ready made tree swings - or get some tree swing conversion ropes which will transform any of these swing seats or accessories into a tree swing.

We have the widest range of baby swing seats and baby swings available in the UK today. Our high-backed plastic baby swing seat with the special click-release swing system is perfect as soon as they can sit up, and the wooden beaded baby swing with the fun spinning play beads is a great product when they are slightly bigger. Our baby swing seat range is extensive so we will have one to suit your little one. They have all been designed with safety features as well as comfort in mind. There are a couple of different colours and designs to choose from. The ergonomics of the baby swing are very important and a lot of thought and additional features have gone into each baby seat design.

The beauty of a swing is that it can be changed as and when your taste changes, as your child grows up they will want something new and different and they are inexpensive to buy so you can change them at your leisure. When your little one no longer needs a baby swing but a normal swing seat, there is a wide range here to suit their age and interests.

Even the rubber swing seats are so easily attached, so if you have more than one you can change them round every now and again to keep your swing set or climbing frame fresh and exciting. We even have a commercial grade rubber swing seat made with galvanised steel chains which is possibly one of the most hard wearing swing seats on the swing accessories market.

Although plastic can seem like the cheapest of materials - our plastic swing seats are made from blow moulded plastic so can be as durable as any of the other material swing seats.

We have a very popular swing seats in an attractive apple green colour which blends nicely into any garden. Plastic can be the material of choice if your swing seat or climbing frame has trees overhanging the area. Birds tend to nest in trees and birds tend to....well let's just say this can make your swing seats slightly less inviting to sit on. A plastic swing seat can easily be wiped clean, therefore giving your children a cleaner and more comfortable swing seat to sit on!

Swing seats and accessories are what really bring a climbing frame or swing set to life. You may want to buy extra swing seats, or your children may have outgrown the original ones. You could buy a new or different swing seat as a present or to make their swing or climbing frame more exciting and unique.

Every climbing frame accessory and swing seat is safety tested, so you can be confident with the quality and durability of each product. The safety of your children is paramount to us at Big Game Hunters so we make sure that each and every swing and attachment has gone through the rigorous EN71 European Safety specifications and are all CE marked.

Whether you've recently bought a climbing frame or you've owned one for years, climbing frame accessories are the ideal solution for improving the appearance and playing options of your climbing frame, making it more enjoyable for the user.