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Wendy Playhouses

Each garden Wendy house has been carefully designed with wonderful attention to detail, offering the most inspiring and exciting playhouses for your children. They have all been designed with high quality wood which has been carefully sourced from ethically managed forests, ensuring that our playhouses are wonderfully eco-friendly. They also include so many fun features and accessories, ranging from name plaques, chimneys, wonky windows and even flower boxes!

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Children's playtime is full of energy and excitement, with their imaginations running wild and lots of adventures being created, so we - Big Game Hunters - felt that it was only right that there is a range of inspiring garden Wendy Houses for children to encourage and inspire their imaginations!

Children can enjoy the fresh air and the green outdoors while being immersed in imaginative adventures, keeping them brilliantly active and healthy. Winter wonderlands needn't be kept for kid's movies. These beautiful dens can shape up as cosy cabins for the chilly winter months, just wrap them up warm and send them on their way, and they'll disappear into the garden for hours.

In the hot summer months, friends will love being invited over for a scrummy picnic and fun party games. Just lay out a comfy blanket in the garden with a selection of nibbles, get the little house ready for the little companion's arrival, pour some lovely fruit juice and finally, when the friends arrive, pass around the cupcakes! The exciting slides, ladders and balconies will add lots of fun!

Each and every childrens wendy house is so fun-packed, with a whole variety of fun accessories. Our range includes so many unique features which make them stand out dramatically from others available. We are concerned with producing the highest quality kids wendy houses, with structures that are incredibly long-lasting and include the most original and innovative styles. This way, one of our miniature garden homes can be treasured throughout your little one's childhood, and will inspire lots of memories that will last forever.

When you're little, everything is sparkle-tinted, anything is possible and an enchanting childrens wendy house gives them a space where wishes can be granted and imaginations can flourish! Little ones love creating fairy-tales of their own, and their very own little home is the perfect place for them to be enacted!

Whether your children wish to host an elegant dinner party for royal acquaintances, or organise a casual tea party for dearest friends, their very own unique childrens wendy house will inspire a variety of exciting games. These miniature homes can transform your outdoor space instantly, creating a wonderful play area for the little ones and a space for exploring their imaginations, while also creating a beautiful feature in the garden! They quickly become the focal point of the little ones' playtime, offering an exciting space of their own where anything is possible!

These exciting little homes give children the space to explore their imaginations and invent any games they wish. If the children feel like playing house and being little homemakers one day, and part of an exciting adventure the next, then one of these versatile miniature homes is the perfect gift! It can be a cosy village home and a secret hideout for mysterious explorations!

Children's houses provide such a wonderful space to invent so many different possibilities, with no limitations and endless amounts of imaginative play. They give the youngsters the perfect incentive to play outdoors - they'll love being outside all of the time!

The youngsters can create their own homes in their very own gardens, and the additional features create lots of enhanced imaginative stories and games. Our range of wooden wendy houses for kids are so cute, they could be straight out of a fairy-tale! With round windows as well as curvy doors, a little gnome could easily be residing inside! They make children's playtime so magical and adventurous, and bring lots of life to the garden!

We have many different sizes and styles available, providing a range of options for children of all ages.

They can become a huge part of youngsters' early years, offering a space all of their own for them to play in and treat as their own special home. They encourage the children to learn about the world around them through role play, and to enjoy creating their own stories and games while in the fresh outdoors. Our range has been developed to stimulate imaginations, removing the need for so much modern electronic entertainment such as TV or console games.

The sociable nature of this type of play encourages kids to play together, helping them to learn all sorts of valuable communication skills. You can even choose from a Tower Playhouse for multi-level adventures!

Our range has been specially developed to encourage children's imaginations, and has sparked lots of adventurous play in many gardens all over the land! With charming features throughout each and every little house, there is plenty of fun to go around! Lovely natural Fir Wood and detailing gives these playhouses lots of character, while the light-trapping windows and peep holes keep them cosy and bright.

They are a brilliant way of getting the children to enjoy the outdoors, while creating exciting make-believe stories and adventures. Children's imaginations are so big, so what could be better than providing a safe and secure place for them to let loose and explore these lovely minds?! Imaginative play encourages children's development in many ways; social skills, motor skills and creativity are all part of playhouse fun and helps the children widen their abilities.

A childrens wendy house can become anything the little ones like during play time; whether that be a perfect Palace for tasty tea-parties, a secret fortress for hideouts, or a magical den to share with friends and siblings. It's not simply another toy, but a space in which dreams and fantasies can come true.