Carrom Boards

Carrom Boards

Carrom Boards

Carrom (or Carom/Karrom) is a game thought to have originated hundreds of years ago in India. Some believe it may have come from Burma or even Portugal. Where the game originated is not certain but it is certainly a game enjoyed by thousands all over the world today.

Extremely popular in East and Southern Asia, the game has similarities with billiards, shuffleboard and air hockey. It is a game that is easy to learn and can be played by people of different ages so is perfect for a family gathering as well as something that will entertain any day of the week.

The main task you must complete in this game is to use a 'striker' (we have explained all the equipment further down this page) to move the Carom 'Men' onto one of the four corner pockets.
Sounds familiar? Well it is almost a cross between Snooker (or Billiards) and air hockey (minus the electric air-flow). You have nine of the Carrom 'Men' each, and you must pocket all nine as well as the 'Queen' (the red piece) before your opponent.

Carrom is played using a few pieces of equipment (these are all included in the Garden Games Ltd wooden Carrom Set which can be seen by clicking here).
This includes:

The Carrom Board
The Carrom board is a square board with a smooth surface - usually made from plywood. The standard playing surfacis 74cm square, surrounding which is a frame or bumpers. In each corner of the playing surface is a hole, underneath which is usually a net to catch the pieces - these ae the pockets.
the strikers are the vehicle which players must use in order to push the Carrom Men around the board. Using a 'flicking' action each player must propell the striker towards the othe rpieces in order to push them into the pockets. The strikers are usually made of a different material to the Carrom Men and will often have a distinctive pattern so they can easily be identified. The striker is always larger and slightly heavier than the Carrom Men.
Carrom Men
There are round wooden or plastic pieces which are propelled into the pockets during the game. There will be eighteen in total; nine of each colour. The most common playing colours are natural/white and black.
The Queen
The Queen is the most important piece in the game. The Queen is made from the same material and is the same shape as the Carrom Men - but is usually red so it can stand out amongst the rest of the pieces. Pocketing the Queen will add three points to a players total score.
Game Powder
The powder used on the board is an important part of the game. It is extremely fine grained, and allows the pieces to slide easily.

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