All Climbing Frame Accessories

Swing Seats and climbing frame accessories are ideal additions to some of the amazing climbing frames in our Action Climbing Frames section. They are also suitable for any of the swings in the Wooden Swing Sets section.

You may have an old swing and are in need of a new swing seat to bring it back to life, or to offer your children something new, fresh and exciting to play on. Whatever the reason, there are a lot to choose from.

We have a selection of baby swing seats which allow your youngest to enjoy the swing or climbing frame - no matter how small they might be. We also have a varied range of swing seats in different materials - from plastic to wood, to the more durable rubber swing seats. There are even swing seats and attachments for a single swing hanger, such as the pendulum style tyre swing, the monkey swing or the climbing rope.

As well as swing seats there are other attachments for your swing which can add a little more excitement or adventure. There are climbing ropes and rope ladders as well as trapeze bars for your children to feel like they have joined the circus! We even have duo-seats (sometimes called 'see-saw' seats) which allow two children to go opposite each other on the same swing. Almost like those swing boats that they used to have at Victorian fairgrounds - but facing outwards not in.

Our swing seats can transform the most ordinary swing beam into something your children will enjoy for hours. Each seat has been tested to EN71 European standards, so you can be confident in the knowledge that not only is your swing fun for your children to play on, but it is also safe.

Whether you are looking for a selection of wooden swing seats, plastic swing seats or just a climbing rope, you will find the perfect accessories right here. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, one of our Climbing Frame Experts will be more than happy to assist you, simply call us on the number above.

There are a lot of swing seats to choose from, from baby swing seats to swings like the rocket rider that two children can swing on at the same time. You really are spoilt for choice.

Our accessories listed in this section are not solely to use on climbing frames, but are compatible with swing frames too. Standard swing frames can often become a bit boring after periods of time, but with our climbing frame accessories you can transform your climbing frame into a newly revamped adventure zone in a matter of minutes!

Our swing frame accessories are ideal for playful children and are designed to offer a long-term, safe playing experience. These accessories are also easy to install onto your swing frame and your children can start playing within minutes of opening the box.

Our selection of swing seats offer a quick and exciting way of transforming your climbing frame into an exciting play space for lots of imaginative adventures, and these swing seats are all interchangeable with each swing frame, allowing you to swap and change the swing seats whenever you wish to.

Baby Swing Seats

Choosing baby swing seats while the children are little and then exchanging these seats for more advanced wooden swing seats when the children are a bit older, allows your climbing frame to facilitate the children as they grow and will turn your garden into a long-term adventure playground!

Our selection of swing seats are designed to be universal, allowing them to simply attach onto any swing frame, but if you find that your climbing frame is slightly taller or shorter than a standard frame and your chosen swing seats don't fit - don't worry - our Tree Swing Conversion Ropes can be used with any of our swing seats, and these can be adjusted to make the swing seats as high or low as you wish.

Rubber Swing Seats

Our selection of Rubber Swing Seats feature either Polyhemp ropes or steel chains so that you can choose the most suitable style for your frame, and all are designed with an injection moulded rubber seat for extra strength and durability. We also feature our popular rubber tyre swing seats within our rubber swing seats range, which are made from recycled rubber tyres, offering a brilliantly traditional and environmentally friendly activity for the children.

Plastic Swing Seats

We also feature a selection of plastic swing seats, in all sorts of different styles and each offering exciting play value. Our range of plastic swing seats includes the popular Plastic Monkey Swing Seat that lets the little ones swing around like little monkeys while they balance on the rounded seat, and the Flexible Swing Seat which offers support and protection to the user while they swing back and forth by bending to the user's body shape.

Plastic swing seats offer excellent value for money while adding lots of excitement to your climbing frame, while also featuring very compact designs that make storage of these plastic swing seats very quick and simple while they are not in use. This is brilliantly convenient for families wishing to swap their swing seats on a regular basis and require swing seats that are easy to store.

Wooden Swing Seats

Our wooden swing seats create a very rustic and traditional feel, adding character and charm to your climbing frame. Our selection of wooden swing seats also feature many different exciting styles, shapes and forms, including traditional wooden swing seats that offer lots of gliding fun for older children who require more challenging swing seats, and a range of acrobatic wooden swing seats such as the Trapeze Bar with Rings or the Rope Ladder.

These more challenging wooden swing seats encourage the children to try new things and be creative with their play time, and while they're having all sorts of fun with these exciting wooden swing seats they are also developing many valuable skills. Each of our unique wooden swing seats help children to treasure their creativity and to develop strength and coordination, while also developing important social skills while playing with others.

We make sure that we have a variety of swing seats for children of all ages, including a large range of baby swing seats. Our baby swing seats make sure that the babies are supported and comfortable, with unique swing seats that offer enjoyable play time. Our 'growing type' baby seats are especially designed to last throughout their childhood, allowing you to remove parts of the seat as the children to grow, creating a variety of swing seats in one. While they baby is very young, these baby seats create a protective cocoon for the baby to sit inside while they're gently pushed to and fro, while the front and back can then be removed as the children grow, allowing the children to use their own momentum and balance to swing.

Choose from a huge range of different climbing frame accessories that each add excitement and longevity to your climbing frame. Our selection of climbing frame accessories has something for everyone and each of the different options represent fantastic value for money. Whether you've recently bought a climbing frame or you've owned one for years, climbing frame accessories are the ideal solution for improving the appearance and playing options of your climbing frame, making it more enjoyable for the user.

Here at Big Game Hunters, we sell a huge range of climbing frame accessories that are each designed to enhance various aspects of your climbing frame. If your children are growing up, or their interests are changing, why not diversify the climbing frame's offering and add some of our interesting add-ons, such as one of our rubber swing seats or wooden swing seats.

Climbing frame accessories are also a great way of making your climbing frame more cost effective, preventing children from growing out of it fast, making it a short-term investment. All of our climbing frame accessories are extremely simple to install onto your climbing frame, and are fitted with numerous added safety features to ensure that the user is protected. The range of climbing frame accessories have been designed carefully to facilitate the requirements of all types of people, helping to make your climbing frame more versatile.

If you require any further information about any of our climbing frame accessories, why not give our team of experienced customer service representatives a call, they'll be glad to help you find the right climbing frame accessories for you and your family.