The Towers

The Perfect Starting Point

All the single towers can be bought as the starting point or add-on for a DIY project. They also make a great starting point for creating your own Action climbing frame from our modular system.

You could buy the tower and add to it at a later stage - this can make a great gift as you or various relatives could keep adding or building onto it year on year to create something truly spectacular.

What's Included?

All our towers come with a ladder included, and balustrades so you can block off parts of the tower for safety. Each tower has a roof, platform and solid sturdy uprights.

Are they Easy to Build?

Each of our tower's uprights have an additional 30cm added to their height so they can be dug into the ground and fixed in place using ready-mix concrete.

This sounds much more complicate dthan it is, as you would simply dig a 30cm cube for each post, and fill it in once the tower is placed inside. The ready mix concrete can be bought from any DIY store and some garden centres. This method of fixing makes the towers extremely sturdy and safe for all the adventures your children will have on them!