Gate Lodge Climbing Frames

The Gate Lodge Climbing Frame is a wonderful playhouse and climbing frame combination. With a large playhouse on a platform standing at 1.5m high and a whole range of climbing frame features, the children will love exploring this adventure zone! The beautiful playhouse provides the little ones with a space to let their imaginations run free and create lots of fun fantasies, while the climbing frame accessories encourages them to challenge themselves and enjoy being active.

The central feature of Gate Lodge Climbing Frames is the Gate Lodge Tower which features the enchanting playhouse, as well as an impressive space underneath the tower which can be used as a picnic area or a convenient space for storing the children's toys. This large area is 1.8m square, and comes with enough space to place a picnic table or bench to create the perfect space for the children to relax and enjoy a tasty picnic or enjoy some arts and crafts. The children will feel like they have their very own home with a cosy play area in the house above and a sociable dining area underneath!

When they're ready for a break from their busy home-making duties, they'll absolutely love playing on the climbing frame activities. Many of the climbing frame features are actually part of the Gate Lodge tower itself, with a challenging Climbing Wall for the children to pull themselves up into the playhouse, and a long ladder as well as a 3m slide that makes their exits extra fun! As well as these climbing frame qualities on the tower, you have the option of including a swing frame with your Gate Lodge Climbing Frames, which adds another exciting play dimension and gives the children even more choice during their playtime!

Why Choose Gate Lodge Climbing Frames?

  • A large tower playhouse high in the air for some tree-top fun!

  • 2 in 1 climbing frame and playhouse - sparking imaginative fantasies and active play!

  • Includes exciting picnic area with table and 2 benches - perfect for afternoon tea!

  • Climbing wall leading to playhouse for challenging rock-climbing adventures

  • Transform the climbing frame into an adventure playground with 2 wooden swings

  • A perfect place for children of a young age to explore their imaginations

  • 3m green wavy slide for a fun glide down from the tall playhouse

  • Ability to design your own layout - catering to your garden requirements

Gate Lodge Climbing Frame Sets

  • Single-Tower Gate Lodge Climbing Frame Sets

  • The 'Gate Lodge Climbing Frame without Swing' is the single-tower set which is available 'off-the-shelf'. This Gate Lodge climbing frame includes a large but compact play area with many different activities for the children to take part in. Older children can challenge themselves on the climbing wall to pull themselves up into the playhouse, while smaller children can use the easy-access ladder, and all children can enjoy an exciting glide down the slide on the way out!

    The playhouse, measuring 1.8m x 1.2m, provides a generous amount of space for the little ones to play home-makers or create a cosy hideout up high in the air, and when they get a bit thirsty from all their adventures the children can invite their friends downstairs into the large dining area and host a delightful tea party! They'll love pretending to pour tea and hand out pretend cakes, and perhaps mummy or daddy could kindly bring out some juice!

    The tall height of this climbing frame with the playhouse at the top is very unique, providing different levels for the children to play on. They'll love feeling like they're in a tree house high in the tree-tops, and the slide down to the picnic area makes moving between the floors very easy and extremely fun!

  • Multi-Tower Gate Lodge Climbing Frame Sets

  • The Gate Lodge Climbing Frame is also available with a swing frame which can attach directly onto either of the front posts of the tower. This adds a whole new play dimension to accompany the exciting play possibilities inside the tower, providing two swing seats for children to play together.

    While this set is available 'off-the-shelf', there are also many other accessories that you can combine with your Gate Lodge Climbing Frame. These accessories includes bridges to connect more than one tower, extra Commando Nets and Monkey Bars.

    The climbing wall or commando net provides lots of challenge and activity for older children, and is a great accessory to include for the children to grow into or add later when you're ready. With a Climbing Wall on one side and a Climbing Net on the other, the children will have plenty of climbing fun, and they can even create a course to race through with friends or siblings.

    For more information on designing your own climbing frame, please visit our Design Your Own page. We are here to help and guide you all the way through your climbing frame creation, and our team of specialists approve your design before you purchase it, ensuring that all of your chosen components work together, and we can advise you on the best layout and design to make sure that your climbing frame is perfect for your family.