Giant Connect 4 in a Row Games


Giant Connect 4 in a Row Games

Giant Connect Four

As the Play Experts, Big Game Hunter's love all the classic games - in giant form! These giant 4 in a row games are no different, offering your family or friends an alternative to the small table versions. They also bring more people together being suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. The Garden Games Up for It game being one of our best selling classic games made on a truly giant scale.

Big 4 the tallest game standing at 1.2m tall, made by Garden Games out of wood.
Up For It the largest game by Garden Games, at 1.1m tall made out of plastic. The best seller in the range!
Jumbo 4 Connect a medium sized game for smaller venues, and easy to get out at home (inside or out).

This game has been a family favourite for many years - the game was first sold under the famous Connect Four trademark by Milton Bradley in February 1974. Since then Hasbro has brought out an official version of the game in giant form which was made by Garden Games and since then the game has grown in popularity on many levels. The game can be 'solved' by playing the right moves so has been used in many maths lessons for school children for many years. With the giant version - connecting four counters to win has never been more fun allowing families and teams to play as the scale allows for more people to gather around the game at once.

This game is known by many names such as Captain's Mistress, Plot Four, four in a row, four in a line amongst others. However there is only one truly giant version and that is the Garden Games Up For IT. It is a two player game, but can be played with two teams. Each team or player has a colour - either red or yellow and the first player takes their turn by dropping one of their coins or discs into one of the columns in the game structure. The players then take turns dropping their coloured coins into the columns - trying to block the other colour from sitting next to each other where possible.

The object of the game is to get four of your pieces next to each other in a row either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. The winner is the first person or team to do this.

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