Monmouth Climbing Frames

The Monmouth Climbing Frames are perfect for larger gardens, with a whole range of large play features to cater for a wide age range. The central feature to the Monmouth Climbing Frame is the Tower which features a large platform measuring at 1.2 x 0.9m which is raised to a height of 1.5m. This creates a large play space for older children, while the staircase leading up to the platform creates easy access for smaller children. The exciting large features allow for multiple adventurous little climbers to enjoy the challenging activities together.

The Monmouth Lodge tower is also available - providing an enclosed playhouse style tower - perfect for creating a den or protecting your little ones from the elements should they want to use the tower in all weathers!

The Monmouth Climbing Frames are very similar to the Arundel, with larger platforms and the entire model being designed to a larger scale. The Monmouth Climbing Frames look impressive and are ready to inspire a whole world of imaginative adventures for your little ones. These frames are ideal for large gardens or large families with multiple budding climbers! The children will absolutely love sharing the climbing action with friends or siblings, and the Climbing Frame's ability to cater for a wide age range, makes the Monmouth Climbing Frame a brilliant investment that will be treasured for years to come.

Why Choose a Monmouth Climbing Frame Set?

  • Suitable for larger gardens

  • Designed to accommodate for a wide age range

  • Includes large play space for older children

  • Staircase provides easy access for smaller children

  • Commando Net adds a challenging dimension for older children

  • Large Sandpit with 4 wooden seats for children to play together

  • Climbing Rope inspires lots of climbing fun

  • 7 'off-the-shelf' models to choose from, with option to choose layout

Monmouth Climbing Frame Sets

  • Single-Tower Monmouth Climbing Frame Sets

  • With 5 single-tower 'off-the-shelf' Monmouth Climbing Frame sets to choose from, there's plenty of choice for your family. You will see that each set comes with various different accessories, enabling you to think about which components will be most suitable for your little climbers. The 'Monmouth Climbing Frame' is a very popular frame, featuring multiple activities to challenge the youngsters, and plenty of flexibility for the layout of the frame. The nature of this frame and its components means that it can be positioned in one long line, making it preferable for longer gardens that may not have a generous width, or vice versa.

    The option of choosing a frame with or without a swing frame provides further flexibility. The large range of activities on these frames gives the little ones lots of choice while they're playing, and the position of the swing means that the swings can be enjoyed separately - so if one little climber wishes to challenge themselves on the Climbing Net or take shelter on the platform, another little one can use the swings at the same time. This makes the Monmouth Climbing Frame wonderfully social, while allowing the youngsters to have some quality time to themselves if they wish.

    The sandpit underneath the platform is brilliantly large, including 4 wooden seats for the children to sit and play with the sand together, while the actual position of the sandpit is very neat and compact, taking full advantage of the space and transforming it into an additional play area for lots of creative play!

    Younger children will love learning about textures and shapes with the sand, and their older siblings or friends can be exploring the more difficult activities on the frame at the same time! By catering for such a large age range, the children can be taking part in lots of different activities while playing together and discussing their interesting adventures!

  • Multi-Tower Monmouth Climbing Frame Sets

  • The Monmouth Climbing Frames are also available as sets to give you the option of adding extra play dimensions for a hugely exciting adventure playtime!

    There are 2 multi-tower 'off-the-shelf' versions available, however the most popular way of buying a Monmouth Climbing Frame set is through our 'Design Your Own' (DYO) option, which gives you the flexibility and convenience of designing your own climbing frame. This enables you to add whichever components you wish, with the guidance and support of our team of Play Experts.

    Whether you decide to design your own climbing frame or choose a pre-designed model, you can feel assured that the Monmouth Climbing Frame will provide your adventurous little climbers with years of fun and entertainment. The climbing frame structures are incredibly secure and stable, and stand proudly with their numerous thrilling features attached, giving multiple children the chance to play at the same time.