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Netball Posts

Netball Posts

Netball has been a popular sport in the UK for a number of years and Big Game Hunters have handpicked the best range of netball posts currently on the market.

We have recently introduced a new design of netball posts supplied by the manufacturer Bee Ball. These netball posts are adjustable and are ideal for any age, height or experience level. They are highly recommended for use in clubs, schools or at home.

It's important to stay on top of your game so we recommend any budding netball enthusiast play as much as possible, this means at home as well as at a club. We have the highest quality and most reasonably priced netball posts that are ideal for home use, allowing you to practice as much as possible. Simply store the unit away in your garden or garage and wheel it out when you're ready to play.

Choosing the right Netball post is crucial, we have put together some guidelines to follow when choosing your perfect post. Our information is first hand from experienced players and from clubs that we sponsor.

A critical factor for any netball post, we all remember those badly maintained posts that we used to use at school and how it affected our game. Choose a sturdy post, if you require it to be portable then go for a stand that has a good size base for a sturdy ballast.

Pole Padding
Although not a critical factor like stability, pole padding can be very useful and a wise investment. Pole padding not only make yours post look the part but it protects both the player and also the post.

Rim Quality
Official size is a must, even if you are starting out in Netball its best to start with a full size ring but on an adjustable post. The official size of a netball ring is 15cm (380mm) and be at least 6inches away from the main upright to protect the player. Netball and Basketball rings are not the same size, basketball ring will be larger.

Post Height
Another critical factor, if you are buying for a younger player then choose a easily adjustable post but full official height is a must. The official height is the same as a basketball stand which is 3.05m from the ground to the ring.

Official nets tend to be white, although when training it is nice to use something a bit brighter. A good quality net should always be used. Cheaper nets will fade and perish easily. Nets are very interchangeable, they can easily be swapped in a matter of seconds so while it's important to get the right net don't base your whole purchase on just the net alone.

Netball was founded back in the 1880's, it shares many of the similarities of basketball and started out in a very similar way. In fact many Netball players were actually referred to as Basketball players because of the similarities, by 1960 sport had grown and moved away from Basketball to form its own sport. The late nineties saw the INF (International Netball Federation) brought in which now has more the 60 national netball teams. Although it started out as Basketball it has certainly changed in leaps and bounds along the way and has now become a internationally known game. Different rules and game styles now exist such as Indoor netball and Fast5 which as the name suggests makes the game run much faster. For more on the fun facts, please see our full write up on Netball History.

The overall objective is to score a higher amount of points than the opposition. Two Netball Posts are located at either side of a 30.5m court, the posts are 3.05m high and must have a hoop diameter of 15 inches. Each team is allowed 7 players on the court at any time and each player will have a defined position. The position will be shown on the bib the player wears. The games are in four fifteen minute segments. Contact is only permitted if it does not obstruct the play, if contact is deemed to be obstructing then the player cannot participate in the current play until the penalty shot has been played or the ball passed. The player can only hold the ball for three seconds before it has to be passed or a shot played towards the net. For a more in-depth list of rules click through to our dedicated Netball Rules section.