Swing Sets and Frames

Swing sets, and Wooden Swing Sets have been a staple of children's playgrounds and play equipment for decades.

Everyone loves to swing and here we have a beautiful range of wooden swing frames and wooden swing sets for you to choose from. Add the wooden swing sets to an existing climbing frame, a DIY job or simply enjoy the swing on its own. There are also a wide range of metal swing setas and frames. The Victory wooden swing frame does not come with swing seats so it gives you the freedom to decide which accessories you want to hang on it. Make sure you visit our accessories section to choose which swing you would like to add to your frame.

With climbing frames becoming more and more popular, swings have now been incorporated into many designs and often come as standard. You may already have a climbing frame or play equipment in your garden without a swing, or you may be looking for something a little more affordable for your children to play on, so here we have a range of childrens swing sets and wooden swing sets that will give your children hours of fun in your very own garden.

When buying a swing set or swing frame or swing set for your garden, there are three main things that you need to take into consideration to ensure you are buying the right one for your family. These are:

  • Age Range of Users

  • Space Available

  • Price Range and Materials of Products

Age Range

Age is something you need to take into consideration when buying children's swing sets or frame. If your children are a range of ages, then you need to think carefully about the swing seats that come with your swing set.

Some of the swing sets we sell, come with the swing seats - and some are just the frame on its onw, allowing you to choose the best swing seats for your family separately.

If you have children under the age of three, we recommend buying a baby swing seat to go with your set. We have a few different baby swing seats to choose from.

If your children are older, a straight swing seat is essential and there are a number of these to choose from. Older children may benefit from a trapeze bar, climbing rope or rope ladder on one of your swing hangers in order to give them a variety of attachments to play with.

Space Available

Making sure you have the required space for your children's swing is one of the most important considerations. We would suggest leaving at least 2 metres of space clear around your swings and 2.5 metres around the area where your children will swing. This is in order to allow for the swings to move freely without any obstructions.

The diagram below shows the room needed:

Swing Sets

Product Materials and Price Range

Wooden Swing Sets

Wooden Swings start at under £200 (for the Victory Swing Arm)..

The benefits of our wooden swings are the guarantee - which protects against rot and infestation of the wood for 10 years! This means that you can buy your wooden swing with the confidenc that it will last your children many years.

The swings themselves do not have a ten year guarantee, but these are inexpensive to replace. You are likely to find that you will need to change the swings as your children grow and their interests change. If your children are very small now, you may want to buy baby seats to begin with, then at a later stage buy a more grown up swing - or something with more of a challenge to it like a trapeze bar.

Swing Sets in Metal

Our metal swing sets are a lot cheaper than the wooden swings we sell. They start at around £20 and go up to around £200 for the larger more sturdy frames.

In these cases, you really do get what you pay for and for the smaller frames you will not get as much life and usage out of them as you would a wooden set.

However, if you are on a very tight budget these can be a good option - the slightly larger frames giving you the different type of swing attachments so you can have a number of children playing on them at once.

We would recommend that the metal frames are used by children under the age of 12. This is because the metal frames are not as strong as the wooden frames - and you want the swing set to last as long as possible.

Metal Swings are a cheaper, slightly more colourful alternative to Wooden Swings. Metal swing and metal swing sets have been around for decades.

Children love to swing, and these sets do not only offer a really good value way to offer your children their very own metal swing set in their own back garden, but also some interesting accessory options.

Large Metal Swing Frames

If you are looking for something a little larger - and you know that there will many children wanting to have a go on the metal swing at once then a larger metal swing frame could be the option for you.

The Quadruple Metal Swing Set is a tough metal swing set with four different sets of swinging accessories to give your children more excitement, variety and also more entertainment when they have all their friends over.

The large metal swing frame not only includes a normal swing seats but two double swing seats . The double swing seats allow two children to swing at once, on one swing hanger giving more children the opportunity to use this metal swing set at once.

One of the double swing seats has foot rests and real 'seats' - like two small chairs facing each other. The other double swing is more like a rocking horse action in design and can be great fun.

Aside from the swing seats and double swing seats, the quadruple metal swing frame also has a trapeze bar. This will add an element of acrobatic activity to your swing for the more adventurous children.