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Spring Walk Adventures

Spring Walk Adventures

Spring has now most definitely arrived! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the daffodils are blooming and it's beautiful! So now it's time to reunite ourselves with the wonderful outdoors. Spring time is really rather magical with the changing colours all around, glistening morning dew on freshly blossomed flowers and baby wildlife being born into the world. Walks with the family are perfect opportunities to see and feel the wonders of Spring while enjoying the freedom of the outdoors and having the chance to spend quality time with each other.

Lovely long spring walk adventures with the family in the countryside not only lets us stretch our legs and get some fresh air, it gives us a wonderful chance to teach the little ones all about nature and their imaginations can run wild as they clamber over rocks and hide behind trees. We've put together this printout activity sheet for the little ones, so they can jot down their thoughts and fill the boxes full of fun things they've experienced while on their adventures. Just click on the sheet to open the PDF and then print!

Spring Walk Adventures For Family Fun:

spring print out

Collecting Treasures

Collecting treasures along the way sparks lots of fun, so we've also included a box to keep a record of all the things the little ones have collected. Sticks, petals (fallen ones!), stones, leaves, acorns and pine cones are all treasures which can be used as fun materials for arts and crafts when you get home!...

Make a festive Easter nest with your countryside treasures!

If there's lots of sticks in the treasure basket, these can be transformed into an Easter nest! Just add some hand painted boiled eggs or you can even wrap chocolate eggs in coloured foil tied with pretty bows and then lay them in the nest to give as a special gift for loved ones.

Little ones can have lots of fun painting hard boiled eggs, experimenting with different colours and patterns, and making the nest is super simple. Just drop the sticks in a bowl of water and let them soak for an hour, then bundle the sticks together and form a hole in the middle. Tie the sticks together in even increments with ribbons, creating a circle.

Once they're dry, you can remove the ties and the sticks will keep their shape. You can leave the ribbons on if you wish as they make rather pretty decorations for the nest! Then just use the remaining sticks to create a base for the nest, and simply attach the round nest to the base. You can either use glue or ribbons for this. If you're using ribbons, simply wrap the ribbon over the top of the rounded nest and weave through the base and tie underneath, or vice versa so the tie is at the top and you can make pretty bows.

Finally, decorate the nest by adding the hard boiled painted eggs or chocolate eggs, as well as leaves and acorns you've collected (which can be painted too), making it 'eggstra' special!