Wooden Playhouses

Wooden Playhouses

Our exciting range of unique childrens wooden playhouses have been carefully designed to spark a whole world of imaginative play for children, while being suitable for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

We're really proud of our beautiful selection, and we do everything in our power to make sure that once it's in your garden and inspiring lots of imaginative fun for your little ones, you're proud too!

Each and every playhouse is beautifully eye-catching and has been manufactured to the highest specification with high quality timber and colourful pre-painted treatment. Our childrens wooden playhouses include incredible attention to detail; featuring chimneys, skylights, peep holes and barn doors - even letter boxes and flower boxes - providing a whole range of features to get the little ones' imaginations going. Our beautiful single storey and multi-level playhouses also feature an elegant array of tastefully tinted detail and lovely lacquer.

Being experts in all kinds of garden games and Outdoor Toys, we pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness of our products, and these beautiful childrens playhouses are an integral and treasured part of our selection.

Imaginative play is an important part of childhood. Children love to act out their favourite stories and adventures and they're eager to learn about the world around them. Wooden playhouses provide comfortable and inspiring environments for this to take place, and having fun with role play encourages and develops many skills that will stay with them forever. Our selection of childrens playhouses with unique features are the perfect place to host imaginative adventures, and they'll love having a cosy hideout to play in with friends.

Childrens wooden playhouses are more than a just a toy, they are a space in which a whole world of adventures can take place, and a place where role-play is inspired and little ones can learn all sorts of valuable skills.

The unique features on our range of childrens playhouses help to develop coordination; watering pretend flowers in the pretend flower trays and putting pretend letters in the pretend letter box encourages children to learn about the world around them through hands-on play. Role-play lets the little ones copy scenarios they see in everyday life, whether that's copying their school teacher by setting up a little classroom inside the playhouse for the teddies, or copying mummy's decorating skills by putting a colourful drawing up on the wall.

Childrens playhouses are brilliant for encouraging kids to play together with friends or siblings, and to spark ideas between each other to create fun and imaginative games. Pouring each other a pretend cup of tea or offering a pretend plate of pretend biscuits helps them understand social environments while learning to communicate and sympathise with others. Whether your little one prefers quiet playtime in a cosy environment or a wild expedition with the use of balconies and slides, our range offers a variety of different styles to suit you.

Each and every miniature house has been carefully designed and developed over many years to maximize imaginative play, as we know how important this kind of play is during children's early years. Immersing themselves in creative play encourages children to explore their imaginations and open up a world filled with make-believe adventures. A fun playhouse is the perfect place to inspire and enhance this creativity! We love to celebrate children's big imaginations and inquisitive nature, so we have included lots of unique features and details to explore. Including letter boxes, flower boxes, opening window shutters, barn doors and even name plaques, the little ones can make all sorts of fun games in their very own miniature home! Collecting their pretend post, watering their flowers and customising their very own chalkboard name plaque are all exciting parts of the wonderfully fun world of pretend play!

When you're young, there's something so magical about having your own special place. Whether it's a fort made out of cushions, a blanket on the coffee table, or a hole in the garden bush, there's nothing quite like it. So, we wanted to design a range of fun and unique playhouses to give your little lambs a larger, safe space to explore their big imaginations and create lots of exciting adventures.

Specialist research and insight carried out by our friendly, close-knit team allows us to feel secure in knowing that our children's playhouses are the very best. Each of your little ones have unique personalities, so it's only right that there's a special playhouse to match. So, unlike any other playhouse producer, we beautifully pre-paint our playhouses and carefully design the interiors to guarantee full immersion into their little play worlds.

With an extensive selection of unique playhouses and play tents, there's sure to be a perfect miniature home for your little angels.

Wooden playhouses are stable, secure, safe and sourced from sustainable forests to provide long-lasting and very tree-friendly fun. The timber is also carefully treated, making it suitabable for all weathers, and each playhouse is incredibly easy to install as they're already part-made!

We know that it can be a bit difficult choosing the right playhouse, so we've created a whole section dedicated to helping and advising you through the whole process - from our favourite buys (split up into useful categories), to useful articles written to help with buying, installation and maintenance. To have a look at these guides, simply click on 'Playhouse Guides and Advice' in the side menu.

Please do have a browse through our playhouses, and if you have any questions please go to our Contact Us page.

Let's encourage their creativity and help them develop those essential skills that'll last a life-time.

Unlike any other playhouse brand, Big Game Hunters and Garden Games delicately pre-paint every single playhouse. We carefully select our water based colour stains to suit the individual designs and detailing. Not only does this colouring add wonderful charm, it adds extra protection and finish too, so that these beauties can be admired by everyone. It's all CCA free, meaning there aren't any harsh chemicals or nasty substances, and complies with EN71 Toy Safety Standards, making it perfectly safe for your little ones.

They are made from premium Fir Wood and have undergone heat treatment to ensure ultimate strength and durability. The wooden panels are already constructed, so it's just a matter of securing a few panels together. So, we've done all of the hard work for you, making sure it is instantly beautiful and incredibly easy to assemble!

The Funky Playhouses model a smashing assortment of Bright Berry Blues, Scrumptious Strawberry Pinks and Gorgeous Grapey Greens, leaving your garden feeling zesty and alive.

We like trees. Without them, we wouldn't have any playhouses...
They never let us down, so the least we can do is keep them happy, too. All of our playhouses are sourced from sustainable and maintained forests. Felled trees are replaced with little baby seedlings to ensure forest life cycles continue to flourish. Great care is taken to ensure the safety of wildlife and to preserve the lovely, natural environment. We're happy if our trees are smiling.

We hope you're as excited by the products as we are!